3 Steps to Peak Performance and Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Regular maintenance is the hallmark of a well-run property. An area most overlooked is the administrative side of preventive maintenance, with all its due dates, deadlines, and supporting documentation.

With more federal and state regulations, licenses and permits have become more important in the hospitality industry… but you can halt the paper shuffle, save time, and avoid fines and fees.

Schedule automatic reminders of administrative duties in hotel ServicePro’s Preventive Maintenance module. This enables general managers to have time to prepare documentation in an organized way and meet key timetables. Regional and corporate headquarters can also log on to hotel ServicePro and monitor hotel properties for license and permit compliance.

Consider brand standards. Some brands require that the hotel’s fire and/or sprinkler systems be inspected every six months. Lacking this documentation could cause the property to fail their brand inspection. With hotel ServicePro, the requirement is flagged before the expiration date giving the property management the time to schedule, inspect, and document the elements of its fire system prior to a brand inspection.

But that’s not all… hotel ServicePro is an ally in keeping up with traditional preventive maintenance duties as well. When was the last time your team performed maintenance on your rooftop air conditioning units? What about laundry room equipment, guestroom PTACs, and fitness center equipment?

A partial screen shot of hotel ServicePro’s Preventive Maintenance component  illustrates the point: every detail counts. Access task description, location, instructions, responsible employee, date and time completed, and more.  Get everyone in your operation on the same page—literally.

A partial screen shot of hotel ServicePro’s PreventiveMaintenance component illustrates the point: every detail counts.  Access task description, location, instructions, responsible employee, date and time completed, and more. Get everyone in your operation on the same page — literally.

  1. Schedule EVERY piece of equipment at your hotel.
    Did you know that you can make a vacuum cleaner last seven years if you properly maintain it?

No task is too large or small to schedule with pop-up reminders in hotel SerivcePro’s Preventive Maintenance component. Empty vacuum cleaner bags daily, change the belts monthly, and mark every task completed on the spot when you’re through. You’ll tally hundreds of dollars in savings and reach check-in time with all rooms clean and freshly vacuumed.

  1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
    Enter all equipment maintenance tips and requirements into hotel ServicePro.
  1. Reread your brand standards to insure you aren’t missing any preventive maintenance items.
    Enter everything from annual smoke detector tests to hot water heater maintenance into hotel ServicePro. Safe, satisfied guests translate into repeat business.

Sweating the small stuff can save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs, failed equipment, and late night emergency repair calls.

Plan well and prosper!

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Expert Advice to Tackle Your #1 Maintenance Task


What tops the list of hotel maintenance tasks with the biggest impact on a well-run property?

Hint: It’s top-of-mind for your guests as well.

The answer? HVAC system maintenance.

Here’s why it pays (literally!) to make sure every HVAC unit is in peak working order for your spring/summer crush:

HVACs that are noisy or operate poorly constitute the #1 guest complaint.

That means HVAC units kept in tip-top shape translate into higher guest satisfaction and intent to return.


While you’re busy booking those return guests, you’ll also make smarter use of your budget. Regular HVAC maintenance saves repair costs. Use hotel ServicePro® to automate maintenance schedules, reminders, and track completed tasks on every HVAC unit. Then take the results to the bank:

  • Longer useful asset life – Regular cleaning reduces buildup of debris and corrosion.
  • Lower energy use.
  • Fewer emergency calls – Unplanned maintenance costs–especially emergency labor charges–are often more expensive than planned work.
  • Happier guests – No one wants a trip interrupted by a leaky, malfunctioning HVAC unit. That also goes for your hotel staff, which is already hustling to smoothly manage peak season.


Ready to tackle your HVAC spring cleaning? We’ll answer your most frequently asked questions to help jump-start your efforts:

Q – Does regular HVAC cleaning really save money?

A – Yes, absolutely. Hotel engineers who regularly maintain HVACs report an average 9% reduction in guest room energy use. As mentioned above, routine maintenance also means fewer guest complaints, less frequent emergency repairs, and longer equipment life.

Q – When should I clean my HVAC units?

 A – It’s a common perception that HVAC cleaning must take place in the spring. The fact is mold and mildew build up during the summer. When they are left to linger in units throughout winter, the buildup can have a negative impact on indoor air quality and guest satisfaction. The benefits of deep cleaning last six to 12 months. That means you can schedule it any time of year.

Q – What type of HVAC cleaning is important?


  • Thoroughly clean the entire unit (not just part of the coils).
  • Disinfect the unit.
  • Apply drain line treatment.
  • Schedule maintenance to proactively prevent recontamination.

Unless your HVAC maintenance is proactive and preventative, it will be reactive by default. And you’ve got better things to do than put out the day’s fires during high season. With that thought in mind…

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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A 9-Point Checklist to Retool Maintenance and Find Your Silver Lining

They say there’s a silver lining in every cloud. That’s certainly true when it comes to the following hospitality industry statistics:

Did you know that… 
…most hotel maintenance departments operate at 10-40% efficiency?
…70% of equipment failures result from missteps or inaction at the property level?

What’s the silver lining beneath these stats? You can significantly boost your property’s operating efficiency (and profitability) with an improved maintenance program.

And here’s more good news: economical, user-friendly technology is available to help you develop a maintenance program customized for your property’s unique operations. hotel ServicePro is an enterprise level, web-based solution that creates and automatically tracks day-to-day hotel operations, including preventive work scheduling and guest incident/request management. The system’s storage and reporting capabilities allow managers to analyze data and identify areas of concern. The result? A well-run property that cultivates guest satisfaction.

To establish a new maintenance routine at your hotel, make sure you have these 5 steps in place:

  1. A commitment from all levels of management to support the program.
  2. An outline for discipline and direction created by those who design and implement the program.
  3. Management accountability for goals and operations.
  4. An appropriate balance between emergency and routine maintenance.
  5. Properly trained employees.

That last point–proper training–is key to successfully retooling your maintenance routines. Based on extensive experience with a variety of properties, hotel ServicePro offers the following training recommendations for a smooth implementation:

Gather all maintenance and equipment data required by the hotel ServicePro system.

 Set up weekly meetings to determine method and delivery rules for tasks.

Communicate to your team that most line level employees will experience a major positive change in daily routines.

Rollout training by department. This reduces obstacles and allows each department to benefit from the previous team’s deployment experience.

Use PowerPoint training and quick reference cards to clarify new procedures.

Make sure all employees have the right equipment to implement the program.

Train multiple property administrators to allow for full coverage. After all, a hotel operates 24/7.

Work out kinks before going live. Make sure all team members involved with the hotel ServicePro solution are knowledgeable about possible changes, impacts, and dates.

Give it time. It may take 2-3 months before all team members are comfortable with their new routine and you’ve amassed good quality data.

What can you expect for your efforts? hotel ServicePro clients report gains that make a quantifiable difference:

  • An increase in guests’ satisfaction due to resolution of their concerns.
  • Higher guest service scores.
  • Fewer maintenance emergencies.
  • Identification of problem trends (and a system with which to plan and
    implement solutions).
  • Historical reports for improved capital planning.
  • Prolonged life for valuable assets.
  • Better, easily accessible data.

Quantifiable results that translate to more robust revenue? Music to a hotel exec’s ears.

How have you tackled your property’s maintenance challenges? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us benefit from your experience.

Until next month,


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2015 is Gonna Be Great! 3 Reasons to Celebrate and 6 Ways
to Benefit

Happy New Year indeed! It’s hard to know where to begin with the positive predictions for 2015. Pop the cork, pour the bubbly, and celebrate
these stats:

  • The US lodging industry will achieve a 65% national occupancy rate. That’s the highest since Smith Travel Research Inc. began reporting data in 1987.
  • PKF Hospitality (PKF-HR) predicts that hoteliers will be able to increase average daily rates (ADR) at an average annual pace of 5.7% through 2017.
  • The combination of high occupancy and ADR growth will perpetuate strong bottom line gains. PKF-HR projects that the current three-year streak of double-digit gains in net operating income will continue through 2016.

Is your property in tip-top shape and ready to capture your share
of travelers?

With a steady stream of guests on their way, please do take advantage of our New Year’s resolution at hotel SystemsPro. We plan to spend 2015 rolling out hotel ServicePro product improvements that take our leading hotel maintenance solutions to an even higher level of effective service.

The team at hotel ServicePro hereby resolves to enhance product reliability and ease of use with:

Photo capability.
Auto adapt for screen size and resolution.
Custom and push reports delivered via email.
New apps for hotel employees to use with iPhone, iPad, Android, and MS phone.
Improved functionality.
Additional language capability.

These new enhancements follow close on the heels of technical tweaks we rolled out this fall. Many of these enhancements were inspired by our hotel ServicePro users. These features boost the overall user experience, simplify daily use, and improve reporting. If you missed them, click here to catch up.

And stay tuned for details about how hotel ServicePro will save you even more time and simplify your maintenance chores in the months to come.

A bright and promising year is on the way. But we in the hospitality industry must start fresh every single day to deliver on our promise–an exceptional guest experience. Let hotel ServicePro handle the paperwork, recordkeeping, and tracking. As one client put it: “We don’t have to spend time each morning making and tracking To Do lists. hotel ServicePro does it for us. That gives us more time to train and talk to team members.”

Well said!

Here’s to more time to focus on happy guests and robust revenues in 2015,


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3 Ways to Train Your Team
(Plus Bonus Ideas for Maximum Success)

Attention all properties that face the winter doldrums: Now is the prime time to address one of the most important elements of a well-run establishment–team training.

Is your property currently a bustling holiday/winter destination? The tips below apply to you as well. Take advantage of them during your own seasonal lull:

3 Great Ways to Train Your Team…
…and maximize your hotel ServicePro investment. Install it, train on it, and greet the New Year ready to take on the predicted 2015 uptick in the hospitality business. Team training is a must to keep your guest service and property up to par and make the most of our solutions.

1.  Video Training

  • We recommend that each team member view training videos, then test for certification. This is essential for base knowledge of the hotel ServicePro system.
  • Every team member receives a certificate when successful training is complete.
  • No need for formal, scheduled sessions. Team members can grab a “video snack” at their convenience.
  • Video training is free of charge to all hotel ServicePro users.

2.  Webinar Training

  • Instructor-lead, live webinars can tackle team member orientation, as well as ongoing procedural questions.
  • Structured classes generally last 20-45 minutes.
  • Team members have the opportunity to interact with the trainer.
  • Webinars are also free of charge to all hotel ServicePro users.

3.  On-site Training

hotel ServicePro offers instructor-led, customized on-site training for a nominal fee, which varies according to users’ needs.

Now that you’ve got an ace team in place, make sure your property has the infrastructure to support your hotel ServicePro system:

Cell Phones/Pagers
Want to configure your hotel ServicePro system to send text message alerts to cell phones and pagers? Make sure your devices support messaging and your service coverage reaches your entire property. Contact mobile service providers to check feature availability, functionality, and charges.

Smart Phones/Tablets
We offer ServicePro Mobile specifically for handheld devices that support HTML browsers. There’s a mobile app for iPhones or iPod touch devices. There’s also an app for internet-enabled Windows mobile devices that:

  •  Support HTTP browsers
  • Are JavaScript enabled
  • Have a Windows Mobile operating system
  • Include Internet Explorer Mobile

Does your property have sufficient bandwidth to support mobile devices? Test your capacity to be sure!

System Administrators
System administrators are critical to a successful rollout and ongoing use of hotel ServicePro. You’ll rely on them to:

  • Customize the system.
  • Create and manage log-in information. The system is role-based, which means each team member accesses only the parts that relate to his/her job responsibilities.
  • Train team members.
  • Maintain the system.

We recommend you choose two of the following positions to execute system administrator responsibilities: general manager, operations manager, chief engineer, or executive housekeeper.

A closing word on training: when employees feel comfortable with hotel ServicePro, they’ll be more confident and produce quality results. That leads to greater customer satisfaction and–you guessed it–increased revenue!

Whether now’s your down time or prime time, we wish you all a safe, merry, and bright holiday season.

Take care and we’ll see you next year,

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3 Ways to Cash in on the Mobile Boom (and We Mean Cash!)

Customers know best! hotel SystemsPro hosted a focus group on November 6 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Marietta, GA. We listened to the new ideas and feedback of six clients from across the country, including those pictured: Jack Meredith, PhD, and Nichole Doulliard of PHR Hotels and Resorts of Virginia Beach, VA. Their input helps keep hotel ServicePro innovative and competitive.

The writing’s on the wall and it’s all coming true: mobile device sales continue to boom while prices drop. Market researchers detect no signs of a slow-down in either trend in the foreseeable future. This report from Mobiforge breaks down the global details.

So, why is this a reason to give thanks this holiday season?

The mobile revolution means more, better, and less expensive tools to slam dunk your two most important goals: a profitable property and happy guests.

Here are three ways mobile can help:

1.  Boost guest service scores to capture repeat business.

Nothing attracts repeat business like superior guest service. And with mobile devices, staff hold the key to stellar service in the palm of their hands. Here’s the scenario:

A team member graciously greets a guest in the hallway with, “How’s your stay going?” The guest responds, “We need extra towels.” The staff member pulls out her smartphone or tablet and enters the request on hotel ServicePro in three clicks–room number, guest request, and team member assignment.

That’s the kind of response that inspires another phenomenon of the mobile boom–a high rating for your hotel on social media!

2.  Spot maintenance trends before they become major (expensive) issues.

The general manager can snap a smartphone photo of broken equipment and attach it to a work order in hotel ServicePro. The engineer can see exactly where and what the problem is.  No guess work. Then, regional management can run a maintenance report at the end of the month and spot trends that must be addressed. If engineering repaired the AC in room 104 several times last month, you’ll know it’s time to consider a replacement.

3.  Attract and engage the younger members of your workforce.

It’s a fact of modern life–the younger the user, the higher his/her smartphone engagement. That makes mobile devices the perfect on-the-job companions. Team members can pull them out to enter work orders or guest requests in hotel ServicePro. Another plus for employees–our training is available any way you like it—live or recorded videos and webinars streamed to any Internet-enabled device.

And that’s not all…

  • All information entered in hotel ServicePro is accessible via the Internet on any html-enabled device. That includes iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, and Galaxy.
  • hotel ServicePro is 100% web-based. No need to invest in servers, backup devices, third-party apps, or outside technical resources.
  • You’ll be the soul of discretion. No more crackling radio messages about last night’s noise in room 423…when you’re in the elevator escorting guests to 425!

Last but not least, I leave you with this insider tip: purchase protective gear for each mobile device. That $50 will be well worth the savings in cracked screens and lost functionality. We recommend www.gumdropcases.com.

Unless your property is a winter destination, December is the perfect time to catch up on staff training and otherwise prepare for the predicted uptick in 2015 travel. Come back next month for practical tips on profiting from winter downtime.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all,

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Plan Well & Prosper: 3 Reasons to Sock Away Savings in Your Capital Budget

Our recent hotel SystemsPro team travels took us to two top brand conferences, where we demonstrated tools to help keep properties up to par and brands competitive. On the left: Sales Manager Natalie Roberts hosts Howard Tennent, Regional Service Manager for Best Western, at the hotel SystemsPro booth. On the right: hotel SystemsPro Owner Lana Perkins meets with Bill Murray, President of Integral Hospitality, at the Hilton Owner’s Conference.

Consider the following question carefully; your competitive edge may depend on it:

What is one of the most overlooked and underfunded areas in
hotel planning?

Answer: the capital budget.

Owners and general managers invest plenty of sweat equity in their annual revenue and expense budget. By comparison, the capital budget often receives little thought–until there’s a pressing need to replace an asset.

Why is this so? Because many owners hesitate to park funds in an escrow account earmarked for long-term spending.

The new capital budget planning season is underway and runs until year’s end. Now is an ideal time to create a reserve or honestly re-evaluate your current savings.

3 Reasons to Sock Away Savings in Your Capital Budget

1. Tech-savvy travelers know whether or not you’re up to par.

The proliferation of online shopping tools allow potential guests to thoroughly vet your property before they make a reservation. Positive social media reviews based on your up-to-date property trump the glossy photos on your website.

2.  Increased competition means more demanding franchise standards.

Newly constructed hotels are aggressive competitors. Brand franchisors often require that funds be available for renovations or to keep furniture, fixtures, and equipment up to standard. Contracts give franchisors the right to put an owner in default if these requirements are not met.

3.  The traditional industry standard reserve may be obsolete for your property.

Even if you’ve dutifully set aside the general industry standard of 4% for capital reserves, you may want to consider an increase. Owners and managers often find that this escrowed percentage does not always adequately cover major initiatives or expensive renovations. Properties are then left to fund projects out of pocket to meet the shortfall.

A best practice is to have a 10-year capital plan for the long term.

Most operators prepare a five-year capital plan. This leaves them vulnerable to expenses that arise 6-8 years out and then again in another five years (see chart below).

hotel ServicePro can streamline your long-term planning process with automated tools and reminders to:

  • Set budget guidelines.
  • Track, age and forecast asset retirement.
  • Create and track a properly executed preventive maintenance plan that helps extend the useful life of your assets.
  • Accurately plan for expensive renovations and large expenditures.
  • Receive automatic alerts at corporate and regional offices.
  • Execute a seamless approval process.

Catch the hotel ServicePro team at the 2014 IHG Americas Investors & Leadership Conference  in Las Vegas this week to discuss how we can help you greet 2015 with a capital budget to cover your needs and keep you competitive.

Plan well and prosper!



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2 Simple Steps to Turn a Seasonal Lull into
Revved Up Revenue

If your occupancy peaks during summer, you’re already in shoulder season. Savor the peace and quiet, yes; but use seasonal lulls to re-energize your focus on preventive maintenance. You’ll be ready to maximize guest satisfaction–and your revenue–when travelers return.

Did you know that PKF Consulting predicts a 1.5% increase in average occupancy
for 2015?

Get a jump start on next year right now. Refresh guest rooms, polish public spaces, and check your property’s curb appeal. If you address preventive maintenance during slower months, you’ll reduce peak season repairs and emergencies.

Preventive maintenance can increase guest satisfaction! Here’s why:

Travelers form a first impression of your property in less than 60 seconds. Their criteria vary widely, from parking to signage to even smell. No matter how they judge, a guest’s first impression is influenced by maintenance management. Loyalty is the name of the game and well-maintained facilities are key to a guest’s return intent.

Hotels win or lose on the first stay!

If you’re not convinced, check out results below from a 2014 J.D. Power North America Study of more than 67,000 hotel problem incidence qualified responses. Hotel/room maintenance, HVAC, water pressure/temperature, and shower drainage combine to cause 33% of problems in hotels:

FlyerTalk and Frequent Business Traveler’s Annual Survey also highlights guests’ maintenance complaints as:

  • Difficult to reach or insufficient outlets
  • Climate controls that are hard to adjust
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Insufficient lighting

Here are two simple steps that take advantage of a seasonal lull to get and stay on top of preventive maintenance–and guest satisfaction:

  1. Inspect 25% of your rooms each month and make necessary repairs/improvements. That translates to an inspection for each room at least three times a year.
  2. Combine inspections with a deep cleaning program to maintain every room in near-perfect condition.

hotel ServicePro automates maintenance schedules for guest rooms, grounds, and equipment. Staff can easily organize a myriad of details and track them on mobile devices. Regional management can check in remotely to monitor progress.

Here’s a basic inspection checklist to enter in hotel ServicePro:

Air conditioners/heaters:

  • Check that switches, control valves, and thermostat dial positions are working properly.
  • Check that the thermostat probe is secure and working properly.
  • Replace filters as necessary.
  • Clean, lubricate, and secure fan and motor as necessary.
  • Clean evaporation and condenser units, condensation pans and drains, and exterior grills.
  • Check for refrigeration system leaks.

Electrical equipment:

  • Check that lamp switches work properly and socket, base, and body are tight and in good repair.
  • Check that lampshades are clean, with no holes.
  • Check light bulbs.
  • Check that all switch/outlet plates are in good repair.

Guest Room Devices:

  • Check TV for clear audio and video.
  • Check that the remote works and replace batteries as necessary.
  • Make sure the telephone works properly.

Whew! Remember–maintenance is an organized, automated, and routine process with hotel ServicePro! Not to mention, whatever you spend on preventive maintenance not only lowers costs in the long run. It also enhances your guests’ experience and your reputation as an attractive, safe place to work.

Come see us at the Best Western, Hilton, and IHG conferences in October and talk about how to maximize the shoulder season…and how hotel ServicePro can help.  What are your thoughts?

Here’s to making down time count,

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Time to Celebrate?! 5 Ways Your Budget Can Boost Your Revenue

2014 Hotel Data Conference at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN. (Photo by Smith Travel Research)

Yes, it’s that time of year again…but wait! Before you reach for the aspirin bottle…

Remember, budget season can lay the groundwork for a well-run property.

August through December marks the period when properties and management companies gather data for their 2015 maintenance budgets.

Why is your maintenance budget particularly important this year?

The industry’s economic uptick stimulated occupancy rates. During a panel at the recent Hotel Data Conference, Dan Hansen from Summit Hotel Properties said “two ways to win with rising occupancy are ‘positive comments on social media’, and ‘quality of asset’.” Rising occupancy means more wear and tear on furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. As you expense your routine recurring repairs, it pays to examine each line item carefully for an accurate dollar estimate.

Here’s why it’s well worth the time and effort:

5 Ways Your Budget Can Boost Your Revenue:

1.  Answer the age old question: repair or replace?
Are repeat repairs justified on equipment that has seen better days? If repair costs are significant, it may make sense to replace equipment. hotel ServicePro allows you to track your work order history through every maintenance ticket. View a year’s worth of entries for accurate, verifiable budget data.

2.  Ensure you’re staffed for optimum maintenance.
Yes, labor is one of the top expenses in your maintenance budget. But adequate staffing is critical to keep building systems in good condition. Strike the right balance in next year’s maintenance budget. Use hotel ServicePro to list out time worked, then project where additional labor hours may be warranted.

3.  Highlight the importance of engineering.
Engineering typically makes up 10%-12% of a property’s total expenses. Do results justify that expense? Engineering staff are now major role players in the financial health of a property. They help manage resources, control costs, and extend the life of assets.

4.  Prove the adage–your profit is in the details.
Routine maintenance activities can add up fast…or add to your bottom line. Use hotel ServicePro to control expenses now and plan for next year:

  • Track inventory control, including spare parts and building equipment.
  • Track contract services, such as pest control, window washing, landscaping,
    and pool maintenance.
  • Save energy (and increase safety and security) with properly
    maintained infrastructure.

5.  Keep guests coming back, and encourage positive social media comments.
From front desk to regional headquarters, managers know that a well-maintained property draws and keeps valued guests.

Did you know there’s a way to keep things up to par without a mountain of paperwork?

hotel ServicePro eases recordkeeping demands with a quicker, more efficient way to track maintenance activities right on your mobile device.

Now that you’ve got reason to celebrate the (budget) season, let me know how your property uses hotel ServicePro to crunch the numbers for the year ahead!

May your balance sheets be in the black,

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Keep Your Cool This Summer: How One Hour a Month Can Make a Big Impact on Your Bottom Line

What’s the industry buzz this summer? Business is up! As properties exceed budgets and management spreads optimism, the hotel ServicePro team hits the road to help clients boost revenue and profitability. On the left, our team meets with clients during the Hampton Inns of New England Meeting. L-R: Gail Nicholson, Zetta Hampton, Jay Visnjic, Amanda Culhane, yours truly, and Kathy Caisse. On the right, the team welcomes HITEC attendees. L- R: Edie Chandler-Lowe, Phil Beilke, Natalie Roberts, and Patrick Scully.

Summer time and the living’s easy…for your guests, that is!

You and your staff, on the other hand, are hard at work creating the vacation experience your guests dreamed of all year. While they soak in your property’s amenities, you know that behind the scenes, your major equipment systems keep all that fun in the sun running smoothly.

Why make time for a systemic equipment inspection in the heat of your summer season?

  • Because that’s when you most want to eliminate equipment failures and ensure uninterrupted comfort for your guests.
  • Because the more frequently you conduct inspections, the more skillful you become. If you stick to a once-a-month schedule, inspections should take an hour or less.
  • Because hotel ServicePro’s asset management component turns your mobile device into an efficient current and historical database. Toss the clipboards and spreadsheets. Use hotel ServicePro to schedule maintenance, automate work orders, generate notices about past-due maintenance, create equipment-specific checklists…and set up an electronic reminder of your next systemic inspection date.

With mobile device in hand follow…

The 5 Basic Steps for a Major Equipment Inspection

Step 1 – Create an asset list.

Did you know that equipment changes 5%-10% each year due to normal wear and tear?

Want to keep major pieces of equipment running at their optimum and save energy too?

Neglect can compound problems if you delay your cataloging. List all the equipment you will encounter and the parameters you will use to inspect each device. Focus on boilers, motors, pumps, fans, compressors, and cooling towers.

Step 2 – Plan the inspection route and do a preliminary walk through.

Determine a logical route that is as direct as possible.

Step 3 – Create a log.

Categorize all information in hotel ServicePro. Be thorough–type as many notes as needed. Remember to schedule the next inspection.

Step 4 – Walk your route.

Your monthly trek will help you get a feel for your assets. You’ll learn what “normal” looks and sounds like and notice when something has changed. Red flags can include temperature, noise, vibration, and visual conditions. A raised awareness means a more optimized system.

Step 5 – Create a work list.

When you plan inspections and upkeep, you extend your assets’ lifecycles.

Major equipment that is routinely monitored and repaired can achieve a 30-40 year service life.

That’s how one hour a month can make a big impact on your bottom line!

August marks the time of year when many properties shift focus from vacation guests to business travelers. Meet me at the Hotel Data Conference, August 12-14 in Nashville, and tell me about your tips for the seasonal transition.

Hope to see you in Music City USA,



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