Work Orders: Spruce Up for Spring, Watch Guest Satisfaction & Savings Blossom

I caught up with Lisa Kotlar, Jose Benavides, and Tim Wagner at the Windsor Hospitality Group Conference in Las Vegas for my on-the-road customer Interview Series. Windsor is installing hotel ServicePro at all of its properties, including its meeting site at the Embassy Suites Convention Center in Las Vegas. They told me “We’re very excited to get the system in place and use the work order component to raise guest scores.”

Spring has finally arrived and with it, a warming trend in the hospitality industry. The latest data shows hotel occupancy rates at their highest since 2008. And the summer travel season has yet to begin! Optimism was in the air last month at Windsor Capital Group, Inc.’s 2013 Revenue Triangle Conference in Las Vegas.

The timing is right to get properties ready for the summer rush. Before you budget big bucks for new furniture and fixtures, consider how hotel ServicePro’s Work Orders component can polish your hotel. It’s like renovating your hotel at a fraction of the cost.

For example, when an Executive Housekeeper notices peeling wallpaper, a stubborn door lock or a burned out light bulb, she can punch in a work order on the spot using her mobile device. hotel ServicePro automates the entire work order process, including accountability. Every entry is time stamped, dated, and immediately dispatched to your designated staff, such as the engineer, general manager, and/or executive housekeeper. Click a button to access customizable checklists and completed work order reports sorted by person, date, type, room number, and more.

 Guest satisfaction lies in the details.
Dispatch a work order for a burned out bulb on the spot and turn happy travelers into repeat business.

Do you know which three items generate the most work orders in the US hotel industry? 

1. Malfunctioning HVAC units
2. Room noise
3. Broken or missing TV remotes

Stay on top of these problems and knock out major costs in labor and time. Spot maintenance trends early by using hotel ServicePro to analyze work order data. You’ll be able to replace that $800 PTAC unit before you end up spending $600 on repeat repairs.

Here are a few ideas to help you jumpstart your own spring cleaning:

  • Hold a weekly contest in the housekeeping department: whoever turns in the most work orders wins a prize. Housekeeping attendants are in each guest room every day. The contest helps staff get in the habit of submitting work orders as soon as they see a problem.
  • When a work order is completed – follow up. I used to grab a stack of work order slips every Friday and do a spot check. Now, staff can access work orders as soon as they’re marked “complete” in hotel ServicePro.

The summer crowd is coming and you won’t have time to play catch-up on your maintenance.
Get every room ready for full occupancy with hotel ServicePro’s comprehensive work order component.

What are your best practices to make sure your property has a sparkling brand image and satisfied guests? Share them here or catch me on the road, where I’ll be asking you how the hotel ServicePro inspection platform keeps your team on its toes.

Meanwhile, get those air conditioners humming (quietly!).

Here’s to the sunny days ahead,


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