Keep Your Cool as Bookings Heat Up:
Automate Your Summer To-Do List

A showcase of Holiday Inn’s hip and integrated public space concept —the Social Hub at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport – Polo Park. When I visited there, IHG Canada Regional Manager, Tim Trowbridge, and I reminisced about our days as hotel managers. We agreed that technology has tamed a modern manager’s tasks.  Case in point: hotel ServicePro’s Hotel Facility Management transforms a mobile device into an automated safety and security to-do list.

The predicted uptick in summer travel is underway and I’m right in there with the crowd. I’ve got the busiest summer ever—seven conferences before the end of August. I’m sure your hotel staff is hustling to turn over those rooms. When you’ve got a full house on your hands, it could be all too easy to let back-of-the-scene chores slide. But it’s those unglamorous details that ensure your guests a safe and comfortable stay.

Challenge:  Did you know that the biannual fire system test is one of the most common safety measures to slip through the scheduling cracks?

Solution:  Protect guests and your liability.  Load all security and life safety compliance standards, values, and testing schedules into hotel ServicePro’s Hotel Facility Management component.

When it’s time to test the water temperature in a guest room, for example, you’ll get an automatic reminder. hotel ServicePro will also recognize whether the water temperature falls within the safety range, and prompt an alert if it’s not.

Guest Safety Tip: Hot water could produce a first-degree burn in six seconds at 140 degrees. Hotel ServicePro’s Hotel Facility Management component keeps your safety testing on track and your guests comfortable.

Warranty and contract management are two more tasks that hotel ServicePro can monitor during your summer rush. Use the Hotel Facility Management component to automate all of your expiration or renewal reminders. Give yourself time to renegotiate, or get another vendor, before warranties run out or contracts automatically renew. This ultimately saves you $.

Based on my own hotel management experience, here are my top tips for running a property during not only the summer rush, but throughout the year! 

1.    Your brand standards should be a priority.
Leverage them. Your brand has done its due diligence on research.  Make them your first stop.  Enter those standards and schedules on hotel ServicePro’s Hotel Facility Management component and make sure your property measures up to your brand.

2.  Take the time to set up your schedule and organize your
administrative area.

It will save you hours in the back end.  Unearth that paper checklist and calendar from the piles on your desk. Enter the information in hotel ServicePro. Get a pop-up reminder of each day’s tasks, and mark them complete right on the spot when you’re through.

3.  Always focus on the details; the big picture will happen anyway.
As you put your energy into bookings and revenue, focus on who’s taking care of guest safety and comfort, as well.

Details count: What’s the pH balance of the pool? What’s the temperature of the kitchen fridge? Log on to hotel ServicePro’s Hotel Facility Management component from regional headquarters.  Confirm that your properties are on schedule with all safety, warranty, and contract tasks… and much more!

Now, I’m off to the airport. I look forward to connecting with our customers during my hotter-than-usual summer travel season. If you’re traveling to Minneapolis for HITEC, stop by our booth #931 and say hello.  I’d love to hear how hotel ServicePro’s Preventive Maintenance component helps you keep a step ahead of repairs, for my July blog post.

Bon voyage,


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